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Describe a desire you have for Art.

Describe a desire you have for Religion.

Describe the difference between Art and Religion.

Describe your perception of Faith.

Describe your perception of Supernatural Forces.

Describe an experience of Intolerance.

Describe an experience with Discrimination.







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Younge is a ceramic artist living in Star, NC as the director of the Clay Studio at STARworks.  She uses primarily clay to translate her Judeo-Christian upbringing into an active sculptural series. Her work examines sacred sites to 

interpret a relationship between art and spirituality. Being raised to believe in religious apacolypse, her work allows those conspiracies to become a commentary on the boundaries that are constructed by religious and political institutions.  Those boundaries can foster intolerance, disrimination and often violent exchange that can through art be interrupted and altered to create a better social exchange.


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